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April 12, 2019




Why Choose Eco Friendly Business Cards

 Business cards are an important bit of networking collateral. They are bought, sold and exchanged by the hundreds and the trend doesn’t show any sign of changing. Even with the use of social media and technology, business cards still hold an important place in business.

A business card is more than just a piece of paper. It’s an introduction to you, your business and its values. Shouldn’t you give the right first impression with a card that shows not only professionalism but a strong environmental conscience, too?

So, do eco-friendly business cards really exist? If so, where do you find them and what should you look for? We will be answering these questions and also looking into what types of business cards should be avoided.

Types of eco-friendly cards available:

Eco Friendly Business Cards

Recycled Business Cards:

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to laminated business cards? Recycled business cards give a professional look, without the use of plastics. The cards are made from a minimum of 55% recycled paper content and printed with vegetable based inks.

Eco Friendly Business Cards

Kraft Business Cards

Looking for an alternative to the standard business card? Why not choose 100% recycled, brown Kraft business cards, for a cool, homemade & vintage feel. The brown paper stock works best with simple designs, printed in black ink, to create a striking visual impact.

The uncoated finish allows you to easily write on these cards, making them perfect for handwritten notes to customers. (Giving them a second use, which is even better!)

Matt (Pulp) Business Cards

Pulp business cards have the added bonus of being 100% recycled. The natural, matt, appearance of these cards gives print a modern look that works with all design types, without the need for plastic lamination.

Seeded Business Cards

For an extra, touch to help you stand out and to help your business grow, why not try plantable business cards (embedded with seeds). When your business card has served its purpose, its recipient can plant it and watch your card sprout and blossom. This is also a great conversation starter when you are out networking!

Once you start searching for eco-friendly business cards, you will be surprised by the wide range of options available! From recycled paper content, to ‘tree free’ alternative such as Hemp, bamboo or cotton, there really is no excuse.


What business cards to avoid:

Laminated Business cards!

It is becoming increasingly popular to laminate our materials for the purpose of creating a higher quality feel or to extend its life.

However, laminated paper isn’t yet widely recycled, meaning the majority of these materials will end up in landfill, unless taken to a specialist. Laminating paper products also stops the paper inside from decomposing as it usually would, meaning it could take over 1000 years for the laminated item to break down.

Plastic Business Cards!

There are even some companies that offer fully plastic business cards, and as we all know, plastic really isn’t environmentally friendly. Choosing paper business cards, that can biodegrade, is by far the better option.


Spread the word:

If you work for a large organization, they are likely to have their own source for business cards, that they supply you with. It’s always worth a quick check with HR to see whether their print supplier offers eco-friendly options (for example, recycled paper).

It may take a bit more effort to persuade your company to make the switch, than if you could just simply make the choice yourself, especially if you are working in a larger company. But this means the potential environmental payoff is also much larger.

Simply shifting the buying behavior of a one big company, that orders potentially tens of thousands of business cards every year alone, could have a massive impact on the amount of virgin paper being used.

This may also trigger a waterfall effect for other changes within the organization, too. For example, switching other office paper supplies to recycled paper and ensuring other business stationery or marketing materials are also printed on recycled paper.

Start a trend:

Aside from reducing your own footprint on the environment by using recycled business cards, they also make the perfect tool to encourage others to do the same. By simply adding a small line of text on the back or bottom of your card that states “This card is made from 100% recycled paper” this will remind the recipient of the impact of everyday items we don’t often think about. By doing so, you may just inspire someone else to make a green choice next time they place an order for business cards!

Recycled business cards are a great way to show the world how environmentally friendly you are. Next time you are giving out your business card, stand out by handing them a 100% Recycled card or even a card that can grow! They’ll remember you, and the earth will thank you!




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