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Packaging inserts & accessories are used by retailers to enhance their customers experience. Inserts are added into packages before being shipped out to customers, they typically consist of; thank you notes, postcards, branded stickers, discount offers, review requests and small giveaways. Accessories are often used to customise the packaging itself.

At B2B Prints we are passionate about crafting fun, eco-friendly packaging inserts that increase customer loyalty and revenue. From recycled compliment cards, to biodegradable and tree-free product labels. If you need to design and print, we’ve got you covered!

● Bespoke ● Eco-friendly ● Recycled Materials


Do you need help designing your packaging? We can help! Get in touch with us to discuss ideas and we can give you a quote, we offer great package deals when you design & print with us.

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Luxury, personalised swing tags to identify your products, provide information or ingredients. Swing tags are versatile and affordable!


Our biodegradable, eco-friendly stickers are a perfect, fun way to add your branding to your products and packaging or as a giveaway.

Compliment Slip in Box


Show your appreciation to customers with personalised compliment slips. In business, having good relationships with your customers is the key to success

Heart Affirmations


An ideal giveaway, affirmation cards come in bespoke or standard shapes and can be printed with messages to enhance your customers’ experience.

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Why Use Packaging Accessories?

Packaging inserts & accessories are an affordable and easy way to market to your customers. They can help increase sales and profits, by improving the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

1. Low Cost

Including a hand-written note is one of the most inexpensive, personal, and effective methods for customer retention.
(Not to mention, the delivery cost has already been paid)

2. Highly Targeted

You already know what your customer has bought & what they like. This is the perfect opportunity to cross-sell by tailoring the insert, to them!

3. Increases Loyalty

Customers are more likely to return to a brand that appreciates them, and packaging inserts can help your customers feel special.

Going above and beyond with your packaging can be the deciding factor in your customers’ minds when they are considering whether or not to purchase from you again.

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