FSC Certified

Silk Coated

Satin coated, smooth premium white paper, with a double-coated soft semi-matt finish. It provides excellent print quality and faithful colour reproduction. Ideal for leaflets, flyers, brochures, booklets and business cards.

130gsm / 170gsm / 250gsm / 300gsm / 350gsm


Made from a minimum of 50% Recycled Fibres. Used for a variety of products, including flyers, leaflets, newsletters, brochures, calendars, magazines, greeting cards and invitations. FSC Certified.


Matt Coated

A superior quality coated paper and board offering an exceptionalvelvet, high bulk finish. In a brilliant white shade. This stock is ideal for added value pieces such as letterheads, brochures, menus, postcards, invitations and leaflets.

130gsm / 170gsm / 250gsm / 300gsm

100% Recycled


Paper characterized by organic, neutral shades and a distinctive, tactile quality. The colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials and so can vary in shade. We therefore cannot always guarantee a perfect colour match from order to order.

This stock is ideal for predominantly black ink designs such as flyers, invitations, menus and greeting cards.

100% Recycled

Biodegradable & compostable

Chlorine Free

Made in the UK

(Various shades available)

100gsm – 350gsm

Matt / Pulp

Superior grade recycled card. A bright white with a finely stippled ‘felt’ textured surface. This stock is ideal for letterheads, notebooks, brochures, menus, postcards, invitations and leaflets.

100% Recycled

Made in the EU

100gsm / 120gsm / 190gsm / 300gsm


For a totally distinctive and individual touch to your communications, Conqueror Laid is the perfect choice. Perfect for office stationery (letterheads, notebooks and compliment slips).

100% Recycled

FSC Certified


Tree Free


250gsm: 60% Hemp, 20% PostCW and 20% PreCW. 125gsm: 100% Hemp. Hemp is ideal for letterheads, compliment slips, bookmarks and invitations. Sourced from one of the cleanest paper mills in the world. The mill uses 50% less water than standard mills and also 50% less chemical pollutants.


Combining impeccable environmental status with a high quality feel and finish, Bamboo is the paper to use if you want to stand out from the crowd. Made from 50% Bamboo, which is both fast growing and renewable. Bamboo is ideal for letterheads, compliment slips and envelopes. FSC Certified.

50% Bamboo

FSC Certified

Carbon Neutral

(White or Cream)


Cane Fibre

Made from waste sugarcane fibres

100% Biodegradable & Compostable



Elephant Poo

Organic, fibrous paper off-white in appearance. The poo is collected from the Sri Lankan elephant, cleaned up and turned into pulp by the local population. The paper itself is treated using non-chlorine methods to remove all bacteria.

75% UK post-consumer waste and 25% Elephant poo

Chlorine Free

Made in the UK

110gsm / 130gsm / 180gsm / 300gsm


Soft white paper, made up with included grass fibres.

 100% Recycled paper

Inclusion of freshly mown grass

Chlorine Free

Made in the UK

120gsm / 280gsm


Made with straw inclusions. Suitable for stationery, brochures and invitations where an organic character is required.

100% Recycled

Straw Inclusions

FSC Certified

Made in Netherlands

120gsm / 320gsm

Labels & Stickers

Recycled Paper Labels

100% Recycled

Recyclable & compostable

Water based adhesive

Eco Labels

Biodegradable & Compostable

95% Sugarcane Fibres 5% Hemp & Linen

Biodegradable adhesive


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