Eco Friendly Printing in Croydon, London

We will only support and provide the use of recycled materials, sustainable sourced products and tree free paper. We will work hard in every aspect of our work to reduce our impact on the environment, by moving from petroleum based inks to plant based inks wherever possible and continuing to find new sources of tree free paper. 



Our range of papers consist of recycled, sustainably sourced (FSC Certified) and tree free paper (Bamboo and Hemp).

In the future we will be expanding our range of eco-friendly papers with more tree free papers. See more about our paper here.


  • Our offset inks are vegetable based

Postage & Packaging

  • We avoid the use of plastics throughout our production process.
  • We also use biodegradable & compostable adhesive paper tape as an alternative to plastic parcel tape, which can’t be recycled.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We recycle or reuse everything we can! Including waste paper, cardboard boxes, ink cartridges, toners, wooden pallets and plastic wraps.


We will be donating 5% of our profits to a select few charities that help replant our forests and look after our environment. Please keep an eye out for our certificates. 

During tree planting season we will be volunteering to help maintain local woodland and their ecosystems. We will also be taking part in a few projects helping to plant new trees around Greater London.

We are also looking for new partnerships to see how else we can help protect our environment, educate others and decrease our carbon footprint. So please get in touch if you can help!