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September 2, 2020





Here are some quick tips on how to make your designs print ready!

Before sending your design work to print there are a few things to consider. Follow these essential tips to ensure you are never disappointed with your print order.

Please use this diagram below as a visual reference:


When your graphics continue to the edge of a sheet of paper, a bleed is required.

The standard bleed is 3mm, outside of the cutting edge. For example, if you are printing A5 Flyers, the artwork size including bleed should be 154 x 216 mm. Which will then be trimmed down to the finished size of 148 x 210 mm.

Documents printed with no bleed may have white lines on the edges.

Apply the same rules as with the safe zone, unless you intend the text or graphics to bleed off of the page.


The Safe Zone

The safe zone is 3mm inside of the cutting edge. Make sure you keep all important information away from the design edge. Any graphics in this 3mm margin risk being clipped when cutting your designs to size.

This includes all text and any design elements that you wish to be fully visible on the final product.

Fold Lines

If creating a booklet, folded leaflet or any other print document that is intended to be folded make sure you keep any text 3mm away from the fold line. (Following the same principles as the safe zone)

Crop Marks

If possible, include crop marks when saving your artwork. These are needed as a guide when cutting your designs to size.

Booklets & Brochures

If you are confident in setting up your booklet or brochure ready for print, please just ensure you save your pages as printer’s pairs. For example, an 8-page booklet should be set up as the following spreads:

8 (back page) & Page 1 (front page), Page 2 & 7, Page 6 & 3, Page 4 & 5

If you are not feeling so confident, it’s best to save your booklet or brochure as individual pages, in order, and we can set it up for you.


Make sure you are creating your designs in a document set up as CMYK and use CMYK colour swatches only (Do not use RGB). This ensures that the colours on your printed design are a close match to what you see on your screen.

Convert your designs to CMYK wherever possible, to avoid disappointment when printing.

Download Our Essential Guide To Creating Print Ready Files

Please let us know if you need any help with setting up your designs ready for print. We are always happy to help! 

Katie Back

Director & Graphic Designer

Back 2 Back Print Studio

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