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March 4, 2021




7 Easy Tips For Designing The Perfect Poster


Before you jump in to designing your poster, think about what you aim is. Are you promoting a new product or a discount to boost sales? Perhaps you are trying to direct passersby into your shop with a pavement board? Maybe you are advertising an event? 

Once you have decided on your aim you can start to think about the design of your poster.


Next, consider the location of your poster so you can decide a) how big your poster needs to be and b) what content will be most appropriate. 

For example, if you are looking for a poster to go outside your shop, a larger poster at A1/A0 size would be more appropriate as most people will be viewing from a far. Whereas a poster to be displayed inside in a frame on a desk or a wall, an A2/A3 poster may be better as people can view up closer! 


Use a big visual to capture peoples attention, a photograph, illustration, typography or piece of art. Adding a visual to the centre of your poster will really enhance the overall experience for the viewer.

Everyone loves having a visual to look at, an image really does say 1,000 words. It can help you convey a whole bulk of information, in just a couple of seconds. 

Billboard Poster


In general, posters are designed to be viewed from a far, by people walking or driving by. For this reason you need to make sure the information on your poster is easy to obtain, and quickly. Consider a font that is easy to read and use an appropriate point size.

It is also important to display the information in a clear heirachy, key information needs to be displayed the largest, to draw in the viewer. Smaller pieces of text can be used to give more information to captured viewers that have been drawn in or are able to view up close. (Be cautious of posters that are targeted towards drivers)


To capture peoples attention, adding contrast to your design is always key! Think contrasting colours, shapes or imagery. Research what colours give a good contrast to each other and have fun playing around with ideas.


Don’t clutter your poster with too much information, using negative space allows the viewer to breathe and take in the information easier. Simple designs are often the most effective, so don’t be scared to leave some empty space.


Once you have all the previous points covered and have captured your audience, don’t forget to add a call to action. Something that tells the customer what to do next, whether it be a weblink that they can purchase the product from or directions to the location of your shop.

This point is crucial so don’t miss it out!

Download 7 Easy Tips For Designing The Perfect Poster

Please let us know if you need any help with setting up your designs ready for print. We are always happy to help! You can view our design portfolio here.

Katie Back

Director & Graphic Designer

Back 2 Back Print Studio

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