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March 15, 2022




Candle packaging for ethical brands

Is your brand focused on making ethical candles? From soy wax to all natural ingredients, you have crafted your candle to be kind to people and the planet. 

The next step on your journey is deciding how to present, package and advertise your candle whilst staying aligned to your core brand values. 

We aim to make the packaging and means of production as sustainable as the products themselves. We have the following areas covered for you:

Birthdate candle packaging

Candle Packaging – Birthdate Candle Co – https://birthdate.co

Candle Boxes

Consider each element of your packaging, including the base materials as well as any finishing options you may like to add to your box, from lamination to foiling. Each may come with its own environmental challenges.

  1. Paper – Choosing paper made from FSC approved materials and/or 100% recycled content that is also fully recyclable is a great way to start.
  2. Lamination – If you feel it is a must for your packaging, consider biodegradable lamination. This will provide the short term protection for your product, without the long term effects to our environment. 
  3. Ink – Why not see if your boxes can be printed with vegetable based inks, as an option that is kinder to our planet?

Candle Protection

How will you keep your candle protected in transit or on the shop floor? 

The amount of protection you will need will depend on the type of candle and your method of selling or shipping. Whether you are shipping inland or abroad, or if you are selling from a local shop or market. All of these things will determine how much protection your candles may need:

  1. Glass – If your candle comes in glass, you may want to add a protective insert directly into your box to avoid breakages in transit. Using a corrugated cardboard insert is a great plastic free alternative to foam or bubble wrap.
  2. Dust covers – If you are planning to display your candles on a shop shelf, without a box, adding a paper dust cover is a great way to protect your candle from the elements and add an element of branding, without the need for a box!

Candle Labels

Don’t overlook your candle labels! These final touches to your candle packaging can be plastic free too. 

  1. Size – Think about the size and shape of the label you would need to fit your candle. Most paper labels come available in pre-set sizes. Making them a more cost effective option as well as being more eco friendly.
  2. Material – There are a number of choices available for labels. Our two most popular are cane fibre labels (made from 95% sugarcane 5% hemp – making these a tree free and highly sustainable option) or recycled paper labels which are made from recycled content. Both options are recyclable, biodegradable and made with water based adhesive.

These tips should help you create the perfect, eco friendly & sustainable packaging for your candles. No matter the size of your candle business.

If you would like some more advice on what packaging will be best for you and your brand, get in touch via email – info@b2bprints.co.uk or call us on 0208 323 2854. We would love to help you!

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