Branded and Printed, bespoke to your needs

Whether you are looking for bespoke shaped cards or something simplistic, we have all areas covered to help you create something truly unique to your brand!

Affirmation cards can be sold in a pack or given out to your customers as a free give away. These are items your customer’s are likely to keep, share on social media or display for others to see. Providing another way of increasing your brand awareness

Don’t forget, we can design your affirmation cards for you. And we will print them on one of our environmentally friendly papers, ensuring your work is sustainable too. We will also plant a tree for every order placed with us, through One Tree Planted

Our Print Finishing Services


Choose from rounded or square corners for your cards.

Heart Affirmations


Our die-cut finishing option allows you to create your print project in any shape you can think of.

Recycled Business Cards


From gold foiling and lamination, to spot UV. We have a range of finishing options to choose from.


Small custom packaging to store your product, not only keeps the product protected but also improves your products visibility.

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Things To Do With Affirmation Cards

1. Give Your Cards Away

Customers are more likely to return to a brand that appreciates them, and free giveaways, such as an affirmation card, can help your customers feel special. Slip a card into their package next time they place an order, so they are greeted with a little surprise. Giving out a range of different affirmations also gives them something to collect!

Spread the energy, spread the love and stay connected!

2. Sell Them In Packs

If you have a number of your own affirmations, why not collate them all together into your own personalised affirmation card pack that people can buy?

Your customers can use them for daily motivation, to decorate their room or as a meditation mantra! Helping send out positive vibes in a variety of ways.



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