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September 7, 2018




5 Ways To Reduce Your Waste

So you’re looking for ways to reduce your waste? The fact is, it couldn’t be easier! Let’s look at five tips that anybody can use to reduce their waste.

#1 Shopping Bags!

We all know that shopping bags are bad for wildlife. Animals like sea turtles regularly mistake them for jelly fish and ingest them. They also suffocate anything that gets inside them and they take years to decompose. Now this has, as we all know, been combated in supermarkets with the introduction of the 5p charge, but we can go a step further. Buying and using your own reusable shopping bags reduces plastic waste and saves you money. It’s that simple!

#2 Composting.

This is a super easy way to reduce the amount of green waste that gets sent to landfill, it could be used in a much more efficient way. The fact is composting can be done in your home, whether using a small kitchen compost bin or a larger outdoor container. Compost can be used to help grow your garden rather than decomposing in landfill. Alternatively if you can’t compost yourself you can ring your local council to see if they have a compost scheme, most councils do now offer this service.

#3 Reusable Bottles and Cups.

Investing in a reusable bottle or cup is not only great for reducing waste but also saving you money! Simply switching to a BPA free bottle and using it every day, filling with water from a tap rather than buying plastic bottles can result in significant savings and help our environment.

#4 Recycled Materials.

Use recycled materials and recycled products. Consumers nowadays have had a huge impact on the amount of recycled products available, with a high demand comes a business that’s willing to fill that need. Most common household items now have environmentally friendly alternatives using recycled materials or none dangerous chemicals. Us here at Back 2 Back Print Studio are an example of how we can reduce our waste and use recycled materials to help our environment. Our recycled and tree free papers don’t compromise on quality but make a huge difference to the amount of waste produced.

#5 Reduce your packaging.

Buying food and goods from local markets, grocers etc is an easy way to reduce waste. You can use your own bags and the items come with significantly less packaging, reducing our plastic waste. In addition buying in bulk is also a great way to reduce packaging, in turn also reducing waste AND saving you money!

Reduce your waste today!


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